Romany was born in Ireland in 1960 and moved to England in 1978 He settled in London, moving to Brighton in 1989.

His sculptures, modelled in clay, and cast in bronze or cold-cast bronze resin have ranged from statuesque indoor torsos to heroic outdoor landmarks and mainly inspired by the human form. In later years he developed his style to deconstruct the human form, including the use of shattered windscreen glass to explore the space and light around the form. He started exhibiting his work in the Brighton Festival

His sculptures and paintings have been acquired by collectors worldwide, from countries including the USA, Australia, Hong Kong and the Middle East, and all over Europe.

Romany has for many devoted much of his time to fund raising for HIV charities and is a Trustee of the Sussex Beacon, HIV/Aids Care Centre in Brighton.

In September 2007, Romany was selected by public ballot, to be commissioned to create a memorial to those who have died and those whose lives have been affected by HIV and Aids. Romany’s concept would  modern landmark sculpture as the centrepiece of a memorial site, which would be a place of reflection and remembrance

Lib Dem councillor Paul Elgood said: “When we opened the voting, we said we wanted a public debate on the issue, and we certainly got that! It has been an exciting process and we believe that Romany Mark Bruce’s design will provide the basis for the project to move to the commissioning stage. There is considerable development work still to be done as we were only choosing a concept design at this stage. We would like to thank all three proposers for their ideas and creative thinking. There is no doubt that this project has captured the community’s imagination and I think we are on track to produce something very special.”

The Memorial was unvelied by David Furnish on the 9th October 2009