Romany Mark Bruce

Romany is an artist born in Ireland and living in Brighton, England.

His paintings and sculptures have won critical acclaim and his work is collected worldwide. He has an inexplicable and passionate obession with the Sternocleidomastioin (a neck muscle), which is reflected in much of his work, both figurative and abstract.

His sculptures, modelled in clay, and cast in bronze or cold-cast bronze resin have ranged from statuesque indoor torsos to heroic outdoor landmarks and mainly inspired by the human form. In later years he developed his style to deconstruct the human form, including the use of shattered windscreen glass to explore the space and light around the form.

The Brighton and Hove AIDS Memorial

Public Commission

In September 2007, Romany was selected by public ballot, to be commissioned to create a memorial to those who have died and those whose lives have been affected by HIV and AIDS. Romany worked on the project for two years and in 2009 the 16 foot sculpture was unveiled by David Furnish. “TAY” is landmark iconic sculpture, and one a a handful in the world

Charity Work

Romany has for many devoted much of his time to fundraising is a Trustee of the Sussex Beacon, HIV/Aids Care Centre in Brighton. Hos work has been auctioned to raise tens of thousands of pounds for HIV and LGBT charities, Great Ormond Street Hospital and he is presently working on a painting to be auctioned for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.